A Framework Model on the Necessity for Developing Good Logistics for Cambodian Industrialization and Economic Development

1. Background Logistics development in Cambodia has become more important for industrial development policy implementation as the Cambodian economy continues to develop. Decades of conflict destroyed much of Cambodia's road and rail network, and since the end of the conflict the country has s.......

Nhean Tola, Chea Sophak, Tea Saorithy

January 25, 2018

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ASEAN Security Community

Changing Geopolitics The international order is under stress, facing high volatility. The Asia Pacific region is undergoing a strategic tectonic shift from the US-centric regional order to a regional order driven by multiple actors including ASEAN. Power rivalry between China and the US is percei.......

Chheang Vannarith

26/June/2017, Feature

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Transnational Crime and ASEAN: A Security Perspective

Transnational Crime in Security Theory Transnational crime traditionally refers to criminal activities that are conducted across countries, and violate the laws of more than one of these. The 2000 Convention Against Transnational Organized Crime published by the United Nations Office on Drugs an.......

Mathew Bukit

03/November/2016, Features

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The South China Sea and ASEAN Unity: A Cambodian Perspective

Since 2010, the South China Sea has re-emerged as one of Asia’s hotspots due to increasing military tensions between China and other claimant states, especially the Philippines and Vietnam. Diplomatic stalemates between ASEAN and China as well as within ASEAN further exacerbate the uncertainty.......

Cheunboran Chanborey

05/September/2016, Features

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Southeast Asian Responses to Sino-US Rivalry: A Cambodian Perspective

The Asian strategic landscape is being overturned by a radical shift in the distribution of wealth and power between the major powers, a corresponding shift in their strategic expectations, as well as the responses from lesser powers to those shifts. China, the US and the relationship between the.......

Cheunboran Chanborey

01/August/2016, Features

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Cambodia, ASEAN & the United Kingdom: Continuity & Change

Introduction From the offset it should be noted that the purpose of this piece is not to innovative, nor to influence or set the agenda for future policy decisions. The goal here is more modest – to provide information and promote understanding about relations between the United Kingdom (UK.......

Scott Rawlinson

26/July/2016, Features

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Chinese Foreign Aid to Cambodia: Cambodia at Risk or Rising?

Chinese Foreign Aid to Cambodia: Cambodia at Risk or Rising? The emergence of China as the current second economic global superpower is allowing the country the opportunity to expand its foreign aid programs to more than one hundred developing countries around the world. It is widely regarded tha.......

Var Veasna

04/July/2016, Feature

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A Small State’s Foreign Policy Approach towards A Great Power: Cambodia’s Foreign Policy towards China

Cambodia’s foreign policy strategy towards China is characterized by two main features. On the one hand, Cambodia has pursued a policy of bandwagoning or alignment with Beijing, while, on the other hand, it also draws closer to Beijing’s competitors such as Tokyo, Washington, and Hanoi. .......

Leng Thearith

19/05/2016 Feature

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President Xi’s Grand Strategic Initiatives: Cambodian Perspectives

Upon becoming China’s new leader in November 2012, President Xi Jinping declared that he will realize the “Chinese Dream”. He stressed that “fulfilling the Chinese Dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese, we must achieve a rich and powerful country, the revitalization .......

Cheunboran Chanborey


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