Vision and Missions


The Cambodian Institute for Strategic Studies is an independent and not-for-profit organization. Its vision is to become one of the leading think tank in Cambodia and the region, providing high quality research and distinctive perspectives on political, economic, social and environmental changes in Cambodia and the world. Its ultimate purpose is to advance and protect the interest of Cambodia and her people through the promotion of peace, stability and prosperity.


- Providing a rigorous study and discussion on a range of political, regional economic, foreign policy and security issues

- Analyzing different scenarios and trends related to emerging problems in Cambodia, the Asia Pacific and the world

- Providing pragmatic, evidence-based and non-partisan policy recom- mendations

- Working closely with the government, research institute, think tank, university, private sector, non-governmental organizations and a
   community of scholars

- Engaging in policy debate that aims at strengthening democracy and promoting inclusive economic development

- Disseminating and increasing understanding of government policy and contributing to national policy dialogue