The Asia Pacific region has enjoyed remarkable economic growth, experienced social transformations and political changes. Cambodia, located in such a dynamic region, has a great potential to advance her national interests, which are defined in terms of economic development and poverty reduction, peace and stability, and national identity and prestige.

To realize that potential, Cambodia needs to have a pragmatic foreign policy based on the principles of independence and self-determination, neutrality and non-alignment, international integration, and regional community building. ASEAN is regarded as the cornerstone of Cambodia’s foreign policy. The priority of Cambodia’s foreign policy is to be a responsible and proactive member of ASEAN and other international organizations.

Governance is the foundation of economic development and regional integration. Efficient and clean national institutions, rule of law, social justice, and smart foreign policy define the future of Cambodia. There is no peace without justice. There is no development without good governance. There is no regional stability and development without regional cooperation and integration.

The Cambodian Institute for Strategic Studies (CISS) was founded to shed light on certain national and regional issues that matter to Cambodia and the region. CISS has three main interconnected programs namely politics and governance, foreign policy and regional security, and regional economics. These programs are developed to promote multi-stakeholder dialogues and consultation, conduct researches, and publish policy papers to impact policy changes. 

Chheang Vannarith

Vice Chairman of the Board
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