Indo-Pacific Strategic Revew

May-July 2016

2016/05/17 11:55

The Cambodian Institute for Strategic Studies is an independent and not-for- profit organization. Our vision is to become the leading foreign policy think tank in Cambodia and the region, providing high quality research and distinctive perspectives on political, economic, social and envir- onmental changes in Cambodia and the world. Our ultimate purpose is to advance and protect the interests of Cambodia and her people through the promotion of peace, stability and prosperity.

We strive to provide evidence-based research and non-partisan policy advice through our various activities. Our research publications and public lecture series promote engagement and collaboration within and between a diverse array of stakeholders in Cambodia and the Asia- Pacific.

The Indo-Pacific Strategic Review is the culmination of the Institute’s vision and endeavor to contribute towards existing discourses in areas of foreign policy, regional security and international trade. Our eminent community of scholars places us in a prominent position to shape local and regional discourses.

This publication features the works of prominent scholars from a variety of disciplines, senior officials from the Royal Government of Cambodia, foreign diplomats and scholars. Through the circulation of these works, we aim to reinvigorate policy- dialogue. This does not exclusively apply to policy-makers, as our hope is that this publication encourages everyone to think critically about policy challenges and opportunities that we currently face.