Mathew Bukit

Editor and Research Fellow


Bachelor of International and Global Studies
University of Sydney, Australia

Contact Details

Tel       : (855) 12 71 06 40
E-mail :
Address: No. 89 Street 390, Boeng Keng korng III

Profile :

Mathew Bukit holds a Bachelor of International and Global Studies from the University of Sydney, Australia. He is currently a Research Assistant at the Cambodian Institute for Strategic Studies in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. His main areas of expertise are regional security, particularly relating to maritime disputes in…Read More

Publications :

  • Transnational Crime and ASEAN: A Security Perspective 03/November/2016, Features
  • ADMM Plus: A solution to great power rivalry in the South China Sea? 24/August/2016, Commentaries
  • Securitization in the West and in Southeast Asia 06/July/2016, Commentaries